Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016

Happy New Year!

May this New year bring in all that each of us wish and desire for.

I make resolutions every now and then (yes,not just during new year or varusha pirappu or ugadi or Christmas or ramzan. I'm known to make resolutions on any day only to follow it for next few days :-) ),and now let me make some ,put them down and try to revisit once in a while to see how I fare:

1) Be more patient in parenting Ajju. My patience levels have increased drastically  (yes,only I need to pat myself for no one else is voicing this out) over the years and more since the birth of our Jr. But still,there is a long way to go and I want to improve on this one.

2)lose *some* weight : yes,some is the keyword here. At least 5 kg.,to begin with and get back into shape.

3) read ,rather re-start reading. I didn't bother to read all through 2015 and I'm not complaining. I just gave in to what my heart and mind said and went with the flow. So,didn't bother to exert/force myself to do anything at all. Clock an average of 1 book a month.

4) important point this one: don't bother,don't care of what people say,both on my face and in my back and do not let them affect me. This is something I need to try and put in action. Ignore them is what I need to remind myself when I even sense signs of their actions/words affecting me.

5) be decisive. Try and make decisions and do not look back once they are made.

I'm joining the blogathon this January and hoping that I can keep up at it.a lot of thoughts coming up now,let me streamline them and convert to posts in coming days. Ajju calling..need to rush..happy new year.

I'm still toying over what to call our little daughter in this blog: so if it's Rosie,  Ro,baby,Ajju, Jr or any other name I refer to: it's going to be our little darling daughter. 


  1. Happy New year Ramya. Give a squeezing hug to Ajju sweety :)

    1. Happy new year to you too,Tharani :-) huggs passed on :-) thank you :-)

  2. Happy 2016, Ramya. Wish you all success in keeping up all your NY resolutions! Hugs.

    1. Thank you,Maya. Wish you too a very happy new year :-)