Saturday, January 2, 2016


Was the year of our baby and my pregnancy  (yes,in that order..going by the way the little one has wrapped everyone around her little finger))..
I cannot be thankful enough to the supreme power and the universe and of course,our little Ajju  for this blessing. .
Before I drift ,let me record what a great ROCK my husband, S, has been all through and continues to remain so.Touch wood. Inspite of all the tantrums I throw,all the pouting I do,all the showing-anger-bcos-of-otherss-on-him that I do, he still indulges me and doesn't point fingers. Well,what did I want to say??? Yeah,ever since nausea hit me in the early days of pregnancy, he took up the job of cooking for me,all fresh meals,every single day until my mother came over in the 8th month. In addition to that,he also did all the cleaning  ,laundry ,and simply pampered me to the core. All this while managing a full time job which needs him to travel long distances often. Did I mention he used to wake up so damn early in the morning to prepare food that I would have only made a slight remark that I would like to eat. .and checking every single day after my lunch if I liked it and what was missing in the food in between attending the never ending conf calls . Naturally, he would be so tired and would want to rest,but took up the responsibility of taking care of me and baby whole heartedly without showing or expressing the slightest of frustration at any point. I think all this has deeply gone well inside me that Ajju is a daddy's girl . Wait,even while I was carrying her,after a long day when I used to mention that I did not feel much movements of the baby that day,S would only put his hands and immediately Ajju would get excited and start playing :-)

I started out to write about the year that went by,but ended up showering laavvuu for the better half..anyways,he deserves at least this from me ,so let it be..will continue the rest in another post..

Wait. .i'm not that bad,okay. .naanum nalla ponnu than.. (cough..cough) I can publish the post :-):-)

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