Sunday, January 10, 2016

1000 times too little. ..

On my last day at work before my maternity leave began,my manager gifted me two baby story books and said his daughter loves them both and hence he chose to gift the same for my baby as well. I was excited to find what the books were hence hurried to open the wrapped gift. He was quick to ask me not to read them right away but to use it after the baby is born and more exactly to start using when I begin to read stories to my baby. For ,if the baby likes the story ,I may end up reading like 1000 times the same book. He mentioned that he has read that story to his daughter more than 1000 times so far (based on a rough calculation).

At that moment, I exclaimed and couldn't believe or understand why a dad would have to read the same book many many times over .

Fast forward just a couple of months,one fine day Ajju stopped crying abruptly on hearing twinkle twinkle little star and lo,it became a household song for us and since then,we have been using it as a distract sob, entertainment sob, sleep song,pram sob, car song and the list goes,can you guess the number of times I would have sung this so far..would have definitely crossed more than 50000 times until now and counting. ...

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