Thursday, August 16, 2012

In a typical office meeting

that my manager chairs..., the following is what happens:

Manager : Lets meet at 2 to discuss over the regression results

Me: Ok

Manager: (Time: 2:15) (Btw, no meeting invite, no news about if the meeting is really going to happen or not!) : SM, People are waiting for me to go for coffee. I'll go for coffee and after I'm back,lets start the meeting

Me: Ok (dont want to utter what my mind thinks..)

Manager : (Time 3:45) Lets meet at 4. Lets meet at Room No: 111. Hopefully no one should be occupying that room!

Me : Ok (What the !!!!)
Me to Another colleague:  P, just go over to 111. I'll join shortly.Pls start the meeting and dont wait for me.

I'm at the printer room to take some print outs and at 4:15 PM, I see the manager coming in to do some personal xeroxing work

At 4:30 PM in the meeting room :
Me: Have you patched S?
Manager: No

I connect S.

Time: 4:45
Manager: Ok, ahhhh...lets look at the regression results

Me: 1st one is a known issue..

Manager: Wait, can you send me the design document?
Me: Ok! (sends the doc)

manager: Which page number is the description given?
Me: Chapter 6, page : 155, line:22, word no: 10!!

manager: WHat do yo mean by "transfers" ??
Me: Explain what the whole  thing is about!

And such ahh..ok,,etc goes on till 6 PM

Now, when the manager wants to leave by 5, then, she will be fast..else, its just time pass..Because we are all just slaves here and have no life after office is what she thinks!!

Dont know how people get promoted to be managers!! Moreover, this is one place where I find that there is absolutely no respect for time at all!!

But still, everyone is ok with it and no-one complains!!

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  1. aaaahhhh... she really is a pathetic manager :(