Friday, August 17, 2012

Maid amaivathellam..

definitely needs a lot of luck..We were indeed indeed when Lakshmi was our maid for close to 31/2 years. We need not tell her anything..She would just come in, do all the job, we need not even worry about leaving cup boards open .Many a times,I've placed jewellery in side tibles and all other sundry places, but they have gone un-touched..Only if some paper is torn, she would trash in dustbin, else, she would take and keep it on table for fear of throwing away something which we might want later..Her elder daughter visits her 3-4 times a year and stays over for extended period. On two ocasssions during her elder daughetr's visit,I've two two of my gold earings..Inspite of my MIL noticing that this daughter tends to pick up things (decent word for "steal?) and informing/warning me and inspite of me being careful the second time, I lost another one (the first one was a ruby earring gifted by parents and the second one to, from parents, but this one a pearl one bought many years ago and my school friend, when she noticed me wearing this before my wedding commented that I was wearing the same one since school days..It fitted me so well, that it wore it most of the time without changing!). Though we knew very well that its Lakshmi's elder daughter who had pocketed two of my precious earings, we didnt ask/tell Lakshmi because she would feel bad and we thought it might spoil the our relationship..And knowing her daughter, she is not going to accept her mistake or return it back! Hence, we didnt bring it up to Lakshmi, though my MIL happened to tell her that I was sad because I'd lost my earrings.!

All was well , suddenly she got an offer from someone who desired to take her and her second daughter to the US to work as a live-in maid. We were happy that she was going to a different country and as she wishes, she was going to  make some money that would help hee second daughter's marriage expenses. So, there was no news from her for about 2 months and one fine evening, she knocks the door, telling she is back and her visa was rejected and she will come over to work the next day onwards..This time, she said she cant come for job twice a day, instead can come only once. We were not too concerned and was only happy  that she is back.

Again, for a brief period, all was well. Now, she didnt turn up for 15 days and repeated phone calls to her were not answered. When I call from my office number after 15 days, her daughter picked up and said she would be back in about 2 days time. another week passed by and no news. Now, when I call her again, daughter replies that mother has already gone for her daily work. Now, we thought she would come to our home at her usual time, but she didnt turn up..Next day, daughter again says that her mother would come today. But didnt turn up..At this point, I have to mention that my phone calls to her were answered rudely during her loong break.So, I again ask her and daughter says that her mother wouldnt come..

We tried a  couple of other maids, but none of them fit-in well..So, I went ahead and requested Lakshmi to come over. Everytime she joins after a break, she asked for a increase in wage and we accepted it without a single argument. A few months pass by and the same story above repeated. ie, she would go without informing and no answer for repeated calls and suddenly after a month or so, if I persist in calling, the second daughter would says the he mother wouldnt turn up here after. I have to again extend a special invite and she would join back.

Few months passed by, the quality of her work got reduced and she would always be in a hurry to go over to a different house (where she was being paid peanuts for the amount of work she was subjected to). And the same drill repeated. Now, we got tired of her drama and decided not to go behind her.

In this period, we have been appointing one maid after another (this time, young ladies) and none of them seem to be regular. they want leave for 5 days in a month , and give excuses for another 10 days for not doing one work , for another 10 days, they come late (late: meaning come at around 6PM or so!) when we would be done with all work after getting frustrated with waiting for them..
A new maid was appointed on the 31st of July, and out of these 18 days, for 5 days, she was out of town, 1 Sunday, she didnt turn up, 2 days: went for collecting her ration card, hence didnt turn up, 3 days, some domestic issue in her house, so turned up at 6 PM, 2 days: someone from a different house in which she is working is travelling abraod , so she has lots of work, hence turns yup at 7PM.

Yes, in real life, you face all of these, but why not inform us, whatever be the case..Just tell that I will come late or I wouldn't turn up..These days, maids don't care even for  such minimal expectations..In fact, we have counseled, told in nice sweet language and asked them back if they were in our position, would they accept this kind of behavior..No response from them, they simply continue to do whatever pleases them!!!Phew! Today, when the maid turned up at 5 PM after we were done with all the work, I had to raise my voice.I usually don't do any of the negotiations or ask them for reason for why they were not coming..But, my patience also reached its saturation today!

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