Thursday, August 23, 2012

Being seated

The other day while travelling in BMTC bus, I placed my bag next to me in a two seater ,and since the bus had many empty seats, didnt remove the bag untill I found that one particular lady was alone standing while the rest of the seats were occupied.

So,I pulled my bag to my lap and called out to the lady and sit, while she refused!! yes, have you observed someone willing to stand and in turn, she asked me to place the bag and sit comfortably..This she did not tell sarcastically, but , probably I'm thinking that she saw me closing my eyes briefly and it could be that I looked tired that day and hence she allowed me to relax! Inspite of my second invite to her, she didnt consider sitting..She waited untill a different seat went empty and sat there after a few stops..

I havent come across situation like this, where a stranger considers your comfort than theirs, especially when it comes to seating in public transport..I've only seen people rushing to occupy any available seat and this was indeed new to me.Hence , wanted to pen it down here.

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