Tuesday, December 10, 2013


On a cool Saturday morning, I woke up early and took over the kitchen (It has become more a routine that , especially during weekends, whosoever starts any work related to cooking first, gets to finish it too:), Yes, incentive for initiating the process :)). In an attempt to give the MIL a break and to let S and MIL have the honor (in reality, its giving them a punishment) of eating food cooked by moi, I try as much as possible to wake up early and take over the kitchen on weekends. One such cold Saturday was last one where I started making mental preparation of what to cook, which utensils to use, in which order to cook etc. I wanted to make use of the fresh veggies that I had bought during my trip to Malleshwaram and started with full gusto. I was in full swing pelting out curries, sambhar and when it was time for rasam, I wanted to make tangy lemon rasam and looked up at few cooking blogs to look out for which I could follow..And all was ready and I put the "eeya sombu" in the gas and poured a little ghee in it and before I could just lift my eyes and take the tomato crush and pour in it, I saw that the base of the sombu had become separated from the top portion..Let me post the picture here, later. What a shocker!! I was so scared to inform this to MIL , for this one, I knew it was gifted to her by her maternal side. S was so cool and just dismissed off and went back to watching cricket after commenting "This is just a piece of utensil, forget it,lets buy a new one".  The fact that a utensil has got burnt and has become unusable did nt bother me as much as the piece being a gift/ome sentiments attached to it. Anyways, I revealed this super duper act of mine and mil was quite cool. She just said that we need to be careful with "eeya paathrams" as they get burned quite easily if kept empty  in the gas stove. The first thing she asked when she saw was "Did you keep the paathram without water/contents in the stove"? , and I simply had to nod my head :)

In my culinary experiments (btw, I have never touched the stove or had anything to do with cooking before wedding.) so far, I have had quite a few adventures with utensils getting burnt, cooker included, milk overflowing, having a mini fire while doing the tadka etc, but never rendering a utensil unusable ..And so this is also marked off. ..So, whoever reads this, please be careful if you use "eeya pathram". Probably, this advice needs to be given only to me., that everyone else is well aware of this :)


  1. I had no idea this could happen Ramya! What a shocker?!!!

    By the way, what is eeya pathram? I have seen Goundamani's eeya pusura comedy multiple times, but never thought what it really means :P

  2. My mom gave me a eeya pathram during my wedding with a condition. She asked me never to use it to "make rasam". Sh said " you just make rasam in normal paathram and pour it in this and keep.It will get that taste automatically." So much nambikkai in me :D