Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I better mark this, before I forget..

My friend and I sneaked from the office (hey, it was actually not bunking, instead of returing home after the team outing, we went on or girls outing :):) and went on half-a-day outing to Malleshwaram.

 We have been planning this for a year now and finally, we made it on this day. and I'm going out with a girl - friend company after a very long time . With no laptop bags to carry, it was such a cool thing to simply roam around, check out things, debate what we were going to buy, when to buy (buy now or buy when we come the next round:) ), impulsive shopping, window shopping, bargaining, a quick bite here and there, my friend filling me with details of her regular haunts , and finally reaching home at 8:30 in the night! We behaved like college going girls , didnt bother to inform  our families and roamed around in a slow, lesiurely pace..What fun it was..Do I need to mention what a good break it was from the regular routine..

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