Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Plan for the New Year : 2013

Let me jot down what I wish to do this year ...This would also later in the year indicate how my interests have changed, if they do..

--> Read more:
            2012 saw a huge dip in my reading habit. If I need to point out the reason for this, I would most certainly pin-point to my work-place which gives me more than enough during the day and expects me to attend conf calls after I return from work..I could have still found time to read, but my body and eyes didnt co-operate..So, I am going to make sure that I read atleast 7 books this year..Why 7? just a random number which crossed my mind now..

--> Do paintings.
            2011 saw me learn pot painting..Yes..Please do laugh at me for I'm the one who would go to a class to learn pot painting..Being artistically challenged, I didnt have any other option, but to enroll..But 2012 made sure I simply didnt touch the materials all through the year..So, this year, I'm going to make atleast 2 paintings..

--> Write more.
        I read too many blogs..Also I need to enhance my writing skills which is in a pathetic state now..I believe practice will help..So, I will try and put down all the posts/thoughts in my head to the blog..Do atleast 1 post a week..Try a marathon blogging and try a short story ..This provides an opportunity to mention: This blog has seen 100 posts so far !! Yay to that!! A reason to celebrate..?

--> Cook n Bake
         The later half of 2012 saw me dishing out a few different recipes in the kitchen ..To name a few are: Eriseri, Aviyal, Bisi bele bath, Vaangi Bath, Mor Kootu, keerai Sambhar, lemon rasam, pulav ,  almond-date burfi..(I'm laughing at myself while I write this..:) The above mentioned items cannot even be included in the special, different categories and here I am , proudly mentioning ..Yeah..let it be this way, getting documented..Many years down the line, I want to read it and see how far I have come..Hopefully, I get to improve year after year..This year, I'm going to try and make different dishes atleast over the weekends..and I persist in this, thinking of buying an OTG to try my hand at baking..


  1. Gud luck with all of them. Congrats on the 100!:)

  2. Amen to all your wishes :)

    100!! Yayy :)


    1. Many Thanks , Visha :)..Yes, cant believe myself for having stayed this long at one place..cos, I have had multiple blogs in the past and havent continued with them for more than couple a months /posts..Will try to keep this up :)