Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Pongal/Sankranthi and Thought-Action duo

I've generally observed that there is a tradition of giving "seer" for Pongal to the daughter of the house after she is married. It is my guess that , in olden days, when women were not allowed to work outside or did not have a means of supporting herself or was was under the strict regimen of in-laws that she was not supposed to ask for anything for herself, during festivals, such kind of goodies from her parents side would cheer her up. And so the tradition continues till day. As of what I understand, there is no such rule like, only certain stuff  needs to be given or should be given..Its upto the family to give whatever they want to to the daughter.

This custom in place, I've observed that some of women demand, ask for stuff, few others sulk if not given what they wanted, few others smirk if given lesser than they they expect..Having witnessed all these, I wonder how can one behave like that at all, what gives them so much of an entitlement..Anyways, ignoring what people do or behave, let me come to the point of what I wanted to record here..

I receive a call from my cousin who has just started working a few months ago..And me being the terrible me, I havent yet picked up the phone to call him and wish him luck in his career though I've been constantly checking about him through my mother who is in touch with the cousin's mother who is my mom's sis..He calls up and asks for my bank account details and says now that he has started earning, he wants to start giving Pongal seer as token of being my brother..In simple words, I felt truly happy..Now, there is no necessity for him to pick me and my sis ..He could have chosen his other cousins..shamelessly, I have to mention here that I havent gifted/given him anything so far..So, I told him that the very act of thinking about it and making a call is enough to give me joy ..Then, my mom calls up and says its all ok to feel happy and all that , but most important isI need to be a responsible sister to this brother of mine..I ruminated about the event and told myself again that if I think on doing something, I need to A-C-T..Not just keep thinking..I have been thinking about calling up and wishing this guy since October when he started to work..Then, once this event was missed, thought of calling up during Diwali, then New year only to receive a call from his end..Let me see how I fare this year in this regard..Atleast a simple ping or hello email once in a while..

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