Monday, May 16, 2011

been long..

yep, if not lot, something has been happening at my end..some small change..I've resigned from the current record for posterity : 11 May 11 is the date when I'd sent my resignation..Have got two offers ..will select one among the two shortly, though a preliminary decision has already been made..

I have spent 6 years, 3 months in this organisation, have seen crest and trough in career, have seen the lowest point of personal life while employed here , have made countable good friends whom I can trust and look to, have made umpteen accquaintances , have had wonderful managers who were very supportive (most of the time) through thick and thin, have learnt, have also done some time pass, have been intoruduced to blog sites, have had the freedom to browse all round the clock, have learnt a fairly complex technology which has added weight to my resume, have committed mistakes, have been cornered, have lost and regained trust, have observed many admirable qualities among colleagues, will try to imbibe certain good attributes in the fothcoming endeavour, ..all in all, the graph has been preety decent..However, at this point in life, I want a change, a positive change at that..I'm craving for good things to happen in my life..I hope this change is the beginning of all good things to come..

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