Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cal Trip - Day3

How come 2 days flew so fast? Felt like I was just on the flight, and now its time again to board the flight, this time, to return to routine..anyways, after much debate on the plans for the day, settled on visiting the science city. Checked out from the hotel, paid a visit to the Iskon enroute to Science city and then got dropped at Science city. Went around a few exhibits, and saw a 3-D show and a Documentary on the Nile River. The documentary was good.Met a family from TN and we got introduced to each other and went along with them to see some exhibits. Having another 1 hour to pass, croseed the road to check out on the handicrafts exhibition, but it was closed. Was supposed to open only in the later part of the day. Anyways, started the book which I'd cariied along. It was time to leave cal and head to B'lore. Enroute to the airport, M and his colleague were picked from their office and now the vacation comes to an end.
My aunt and uncle were at B'lore that day attending a wedding reception and this uncle was the one who was very keen to visit our house ever since we moved here. There wasnt enough time fro them to visit our home and then catch the bus at night. So, we drove from airport directly to the hotel where reception was happening, had dinner there, got introduced to a few distant relatives , saw aunt and uncle off to Chennai and we drove back home. It was good to be home!!

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