Monday, May 30, 2011


and unable to make a decision..Or should I say, decision is made and I'm not certain if the decision taken is the correct one or not. Last week , including the weekend that passed by was highly streeful. This is when I have two job offers at hand, submitted my resignation, have no work in the office except for transition, and actually supposed to be a time where I should just be relaxed, cool and looking forward for the next assignment.

Took help from a well-wisher about an hour ago, expressed my concerns and am feeling better now.

Is it normal for people to feel anxious about any impending change, especially, while changing jobs? I've been in this organisation for 6+ years now and I've gotten inside a comfort zone here, because of which I'm ambivalent about changing jobs. While one part of me wants a change (that's the reason why I even prepared my resume , floated it around, attended interviews and landed at one) to re-discover myself, to test myself if I'm smart, strong at heart, a chance to take things at stride , an opportunity to stay calm and relaxed, an avenue to mingle and make new friends/accquaintances, probably a change in schedules, an opportunity in learning something new and different, , to just go out and see whats there outside, to try my luck at a different organisation, with a hope that things will get better on personal front with this change, a faith that good things are now beginning to happen..  At the same time, another side of me is scared , is terrified as to how the new environment will be, as to how I'll adapt to the new team, how the people and mamager will be like, about the work and inclusivity in the team, if I'll get to work from home , if this is the right time to change at all, if I should be waiting for some more time till I decide on my personal front and then make a move, ...

I've submitted my resignation, and now serving the notice period. I'll stick to the decision taken and see how life takes it course and I trusting in Lord .

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