Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sooo loong...

I've been sitting in this current job (seat thechufying) for close to 6 years now and needless to mention, I've gone into a comfort zone, i've become lazy, lethargic, a kind of inertia has set in me. In spite of the many poilitics that is present with in the team and among teams (which company does not have politics inside it??) , one thing that I'm very grateful for is having had good managers (both past and present) especially when it comes to utilising the flexi-time option, they have been amazingly co-operative in allowing me to work from home during all the 3 episodes of mis-carriage, and during all times when I've been in an uncertain state. Thanks R and A.
When this years report card of my performance at office was handed over, I was in for a shock. bcos, I did well this year compared to the previous year, and my manager acknowledged it too. But, why has he not given me a decent bonus or hike? His explanations were rubbish and since then, I'vent been feeling good about work here. So, instead of brooding or whining about the current situation, I've decided to roll up my sleeves and try to come out of the cocoon and search for a different job. (I've been thinking about changing jobs for close to a year now) Though I'm 99% sure that I want a change of job, still some part of me is scared (there, I uttered it out) about adjusting in a new environment given my health situation. I'm not sure of I will get a boss who will be accomodating and grant me WFH at times when it becomes not possible for me to travel to office, at times, when my health goes on astrike . Lets see what plans the Almighty has in for me