Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Constantly working legs

The sweet/snack shop always wears a festive look round the year, for it is always brimming with people ..Who wants a reason to savor sweet and snacks? That too, being located in a neighborhood which doesnt boast of too many hang out locations, there is always crowd in this shop..Order and order, the bhaiyyaa's behind the counter are busy perennially preparing samosa chaat, bhel puri without onion, sandwich with less butter , and the specifications only grow..The men behind the counter make sure they understand the requirements and never fail to put a smile on their faces when the preparation is ready to serve..This goes on day after day ,all round the year..I wonder if their legs would ache at all..Why are the employers not concerned about their required-to-stand-always situation and make amends in the kitchen counter such that the slabs are located not too high from the ground and a couple of chairs placed where these men can occasionally , if not always use them to rest their legs and feel comfortable? I wonder if these employees are too scared to ask their bosses for such an arrangement? My legs ache if I stand continuously for I-dont-know-how-long..depends ..But,I cant imagine standing for hours together which these men do..

This is a common sight in quite a few places around us, especially in restaurants, in retail stores . Do the employers think if the employees were sitting, that would lessen the customers entering the shop? Folding clothes and stacking at the right places for members of the house is quite a task..Imagine doing it everyday for the umpteen clothes that customers just pick and see and drop at random places in a 10000 sqft shop..Wouldnt the clothes refrain from folding if people who do the job do while sitting on a chair?

There are forums which disucss and probably take steps to implement facilities that are friendly for everyone (especially differently-abled people)..while such steps are taken, it will also be good to see employers understanding the pain-points or needs of employees and address them..I will ask the sweet shop bhaiiya what he thinks about constantly having to stand and will update his(their) inputs here..


  1. Very right concern Ramya :) I too feel really sorry for these people.. especially the ones in clothes shops. They have to stand and show the customers patiently until they are satisfied. What happens to the numbers of opened sarees? Its too difficult to even thinking of doing it day in and day out. What about the conductors and drivers? We crib of travelling in a crowded bus for only an hour or more. They do it continuously for 6days a week.

    Sometimes I wonder what would happen, if these ppl are not willing to work any longer.

    Your post has kindled me so much so that I am tempted to write my post on this.

    Missed this blog from quite sometime. I am glad, I could find time today :)

    1. Welcome back GB :) A mail to you is still sitting in my drafts..will send soon..Yes, this has been there in my thoughts for quite some time, and a few days before I wrote this post, I happened to travel by a crowded BMTC, where I simply didnt get a seat to sit for the entire journey of 1 hour..After alighting from the bus, I went to this shop to satiate my growling stomach, and I see that these two chaat persons behind the counter going about theri job standing catering to the big queue of customers with a smile on their face.I'm not sure if they used to their posture, but I doubt..Do we , who have jobs that necessitates us to be in sitting posture for long hours get used to it and get comfortable over a period of time? No nah..We know the multitude of back,neck and other problems that this posture gives us..Atleast, we get and more importantly, can take time , to ease ourselves, to stretch , go for walk etc during our work hours..How about them? I dont think their jobs provide them this flexibility, which if they want to, could use..