Thursday, December 8, 2011

a mish-mash post..

was reading this post when I was blog-hopping at Mamma of Twins:  , thats when it struck me what I've been observing ,especially since the time Govt ordered ban on usage of plastic/polythene bags below a certain thickness limit. Yes, so, now , the customers are being charged anywhere between a rupee to 25 rupees (yes, no exxageration, I paid 25 bucks at Max store for one polythene bag when I had 2/3 bags in teh car!!) depending on the shop you purchase..Even the petty shop next door charges 2 bucks for a plastic bag!! I agree that such charges will force people to limit their usage of polythene bags, promote usage of cloth/jute bags..But, why not bigger retail chains offer a cloth bag to their customers? The bag with their logos and promotional campaign can serve their marketing/awareness purpose too..Ok, let them charge, but why not provide cloth bags for that charge?
Ironically, in the veggie/fruit sections of the supermarkets, there exists rolls of polythene bags , which customers use to put in the stuff before they are weighed and billed..Now, I spotted few people who roped in extra of those covers, so that they can store other cosmetic/packaged stuff in them and take home in those covers for free!! I dont want to call those people smart here!! They are simply proving how human mind can always find a short cut for everything under the sun!! Phew!!

Celebrated Karthigai Deepam (karthigai : month in the Tamil Calendar, Deepam: lights )today. This festival is actually the festival of lights in the part of the country where I hail from..It is definitely soothing to light and decorate the house with lamps all over and just keep watching the lamps!

We have this habit of vethalai paaku/tamboolam (beetel leaves and nuts, along with turmeric and vermilion) are considered auspicious to be given to ladies/married woman. Why is that people always expect a gift or money along with the tamboolam? Why cant women walk over, smile, eat whatever is provided to them, wish good for the people of the house and take away whatever is provided to them? Why is there always an expectation of money (that too, bigger currencies, if the person visiting is a relative) or a return gift??This puts a burden on many..Sometimes they even fear to invite people across..

On the work front, the technical department I belong to has organised outdoor/indoor events for 15 days  starting last week and the cubicles are almost empty every day..This is very noticeable as people have the habit of coming to the office only by around 11-12 noon and disappear for these games in the afternoon..Hardly , people seem to be working..This hits me all the more because one particular team member of mine has not done a single job since the last 10 days..And the load has come upon me..Time to escalate!!

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