Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The month that was..

October was packed with loads of shopping, busier weekends, a deadline at workplace, festivities, the usual crest and trough of my mood swings , good food, a short travel to my parents', a loong pending pooja at home (on which MIL was planning for almost a year..), a quick visit by parents to our place for the pooja, a road travel from my parent's to our place after a loong time, lots of shopping again (all the shopping trips initiated by M and thats the highlight), and finally a hair cut..

yeah, I've been growing my hair for about close to 2 years now , and it had grwon pretty weel, but without any volume..towards the end, it tapered and wasnt looking neat and nice..I hadnt bothered about the looks all the while and went about mainitaing the same as usual..But, somewhere suddenly I felt the need to have a hair cut and was quite wavery about whether to have one or not..The day dawned , went for a cut and when I came out of the parlour, my hair was cut quite short..half of what it was earlier..Now, I being me, started cribbing about the short hair..(What would happen if I dont crib, uh?) Got a good dose of scolding from M, still continued to be obsessed about the short hair and made a fuss..Recording it here with a hope that atleast if I vent it out, I might stop the fuss..Now, waiting for my hair to grow..

More to pen down..Rest in next post..


  1. I understand!! Recently I got 4 inches cut off my hair, and I regretted is so badly after I got home!! I had been growing it out for months. But then I just tried to remind myself, "Okay, at least I've got hair! And it's just hair.... It will grow back!" :)
    By the way, what is a pooja? :)

  2. You reminded me to go for a hair cut :)

  3. Birdie, this a coincidence in though process ?:) This is what exactly I'm trying to tell myself and convice myself that its just hair and well, it will grow..If I fret about it, nothings going to change..How have u been girl? When is the lil one planning to grace us with her appearance?

  4. Mahes..Do u have long hair? Hey, I've been wanting to comment on your blog for quite some time now..(lazy lazy me)Your garden is a delight to watch and is bountiful..Touch wood..we've sowed and harvested tomatoes in the small patch of land that we have at home..I've been wanting to grow brinjal and radish for quite some time now..but unable to get seeds..