Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where do I belong

Some people can share all personal/intricate details to those whom they know will announce to the whole wide world even if they dont want these details to be known to all and sundry

Some people can bitch on others back but in front of them, can talk so sweetly that the the listeners will get a rise in their sugar levels (literally)

Some people can talk to others as per others liking (their liking includes: using choo chweet for every statement) even if they dont want to hear such chweet talk

Some people can be so flexible with facts that they can change the facts as per whom they are conversing with

Some people would not share anything that happens in their life but after having a conversation with them, you will feel like you were silent and they were the one who was talking all the time and that they have shared so many details

Some people know whom to tell the truth/facts and to whom to hide the real fact but still fill in some information

Some people can answer questions thrown to them by making up quick answers on the fly which will be too far from the truth

I dont belong to any of the category above.

I belong to the class of people (hopefully I'm not the lone one out here in this group) who will just blurt out the facts and then later regret for having told whatever I said and wish if I could have used my sixth sense and just belonged to one of the groups above at least for that situation!. Sigh!

There is this colleague of mine who likes to extract information from me (My husband /in-laws himself have not asked for my detailed bio-data as much as this guy asked on my first day of work here) and inspite of knowing this, I'm just back from blurting out true answers to the questions he asked where I could have been smart enough and managed to provide work around answers. The questions were so damn trivial but why leak out information to all and sundry ,especially to such people who are not really interested to know but just ask to extract info. I need to grow up

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