Thursday, March 20, 2014

The organic bug

comes to bite me every now and then. So far , it was only the food-related organic bug, but off-late, its cousin, ie, hair and body wash organic bug has also bitten me.

Not sure exactly where it all started, but the desire to use organic bath soap has been there for some time, just that I didnt make any effort to search and buy one.

The first one I picked was from Fab-India which claimed organic in its front label , but the back label had the names of chemicals. I went ahead and bought that and used it too. This one was hard,produced lather like any other soap, but somehow I did not like it very much. The hard texture of the soap itself was a put-off . I wanted to finish this one soon, so, used it liberally.

One visit to the Lush store set me into action and a brief search led me to Burst of Happyness website   and had me order a soap that claimed is suitable for the changing season in November.  Along with this one, I ordered a shampoo bar and a Lip Balm . I was eagerly awaiting the arrival and it took only one full week for the bars to arrive. I had a lot of expectations, after the trip to the Lush store and taking in the aroma of some of the bars there . But, when the package arrived, as my expectations were high, it let me down a bit but ,nevertheless, the bars did have a subtle aroma and if you inhale deeply, you can smell their fragrance . And add the "organic, handmade" factor and it gave me a sense of peace and happiness within. I rushed for bath the next morning and what do I find: the body soap gives out very very thin lather and in spite of using it twice in the same wash, my skin had to be smelt deeply to identify the fragrance the usage of the soap left behind. As I mentioned earlier, the thought the I was using an organic product sans the chemicals itself was mentally satisfying though I had high expectations and this product did not satisfy that . (Lesson to learn here I guess: Its all in the mind!!.)

The lip balm was good, no doubt in that . And quite effective too. Worth the money. This bath soap lasted for exactly 17 days. melts like ice-cream. My experience with shampoo bar is down the line , as I started using it recently.

Next I happened to pick up a soap from Khadi which claimed that it is hand-made soap , free of chemicals. This one was hard, similar to the one from Fab -India, but I went ahead and opened myself to test that and this one gave out good fragrance compared to both of the previous soaps , but somehow , the hard transparent look and feel of this one didnt stick on to me, so I used liberally and finished it off soon. But, the plus here is the good aroma it gave on the skin.

Next in line comes : Areev , I picked two variants: wild orchid and cucumber and mint soap. These produce good lather, and the fragrance is mild and soothing. The wild orchid variant especially gave a deep aroma.  Has a good feel when you use it and all in all, a decent buy. 

I have two others lined up: One from Do Bandar and other from Belleza. Shall update this one after using them.

Coming to the shampoo bar , it gave me good exercise for my hands in producing lather and the bar is hard too. Now, fist time when I used it , I didn't use a shampoo after this bar usage and ended up with oily hair even after the wash . Next time, I had to use it for long to produce a good lather and use it multiple times so that the oil applied before the wash goes way which means, long exercise for the hands and getting tired at the end of it !(:  But, once you use it multiple times in the same wash, the henna smell in the hair feels good and will make you have good food and doze away soon after the wash :) .


  1. Wow ! Darling , you are surely pampering and indulging.

    Enjoy :-)

    1. :) SJ, yeah, I'm experimenting, but havent been greatly satisfied yet . Sometimes, I wonder if this organic thing is overrated, or may be I havent found the right product yet ! Thank you, yeah, scouting for these products, online shopping is sometimes fun too :)

  2. Wow, you have been experimenting quite a lot with hand-made, organic products! :) The Do Bandar and Burst of Happyness products sound quite interesting.. will check them out. Lush products do have a beautiful smell, but are quite expensive too. Like you, I too am looking for soaps that feel soft on the skin, do not leave it too dry, feel natural and have a decent fragrance too.

    1. yes TGND, have been experimenting quite a bit off-late :) But, havent found the one that I feel comfortable and that which makes you feel good and wants to be loyal yet..Will try some more and let you know too..I started trying these products sometime starting November ,so not sure if that was the right season to change..I was expecting that these ones will do good for the skin during the weather change, but to my surprise(and shock) felt the skin more drier than before..My epectations from the organic soaps are also the same as yours :)