Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bliss is..

after you board the train, you call up the parents to tell that you have boarded and that the train has started its journey and by chance you come near the door of the coach just to have a glimpse of your house while the train passes by the railway line road where your house is put up , and viola! cant beleive your eyes, you spot your mom and sister waiting by the road and both the parties spot each other and wave hands..!! Doesnt stop here with waving..While hands are swaying, one wave suggests a "Bye, untill wee meet next time"..another sway of the hand suggests to go back..Mom and sis suggest the son/brother to get back to the berth and not stay near the steps in the moving train..The grown up lad waves and the asks the women of his house to get back to their house, for its dark in the night..

The joy of caring for each other : B.L.I.S.S and to witness this is some more of it !


  1. Thats indeed very Blissful! Your house is that close to the station? how nice :)

    Everytime the train I travel in passes by the railway station of my place.. I feel so good.. Though I cannot see my home or my people.. the feeling of reading the name on the board and feeling that its my place brings up a lot of happiness :)

    I know what you are talking about :)

  2. Yes GB! At times when we have travelled to places that cross the station of my home-town(though the train would cross at odd hours in the night), I would think about waking up or staying awake just to see the station and give a wide grin:) Silly me(:

  3. That is just so beautiful. I had an uncle who stayed very close to the railway station and would come to the end of the platform to rceive us. Somehow railway station revoked that memory. :)