Monday, March 7, 2011

30 days of self-restraint

March 7 -April 5 : Period to watch out the words that come in jet speed from me when in rage. Period to observe how I tame my anger. Self test period where in I test how strong willed and determined I am. This period will see how I slow down, take life as it comes, not blame anyone for things that are beyond my control, especially the husband. Time to accept things that were and that are and try my best to look up at the postive side of things ..Off late, I'm getting consumed by an uncontrollable rage at the rate of once a week, which is definitely not doing any good to my phsical and mental health , to my husand , to whom I take the rage and vent , and to us , our marriage which is getting shakier by the day due to my behaviour. So, I'm determined to observe this self-restraint period and this blog will record the highlights of each day . We'll see how it goes and the outcome at the end of one month.

Will update this post every night or the next day morning .

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